Uilleann pipe Chanter- and Reed- Courses

Make your own chanter or learn how to make a reed to your chanter.

Flute making courses

You will build your own flute with 100% support.

The relationship to the instrument you yourself make will be unique and special, and should provide you with an invaluable insight into how flutes made in the past and flutes made after originals today have been made.

Duration:  5-7 Days à 7 Hours

Day à CHF 350.-

Material: ca. CHF150.-


Benjamin. Thank you so much for the unique opportunity to make a flute under your expert tuition. You have been an expert guide in helping me make my flute, and along the way I've  learned how originals are measured for copying and the fine tuning needed to give create the final instrument.

I'm absolute delighted with the Palanca and encourage others to take up the opportunity. Many thanks to your parents for their hospitality and wonderful food during the week.

Martin Richards

Amateur flautist

Fantastic days, workshop and conditions! Benjamin is so professionnal, explaning very clearly from A to Z all the steps of traverso making: from a piece of wood to a final instrument. I left this beautifull and peacefull house with a great Palanca Flute.

Julien Feltrin  (Recorder teacher at Royal College of Music)

This was a wonderful experience, Benjamin, thank you.  I have wanted to try to make a flute for years and now I have done so with your great assistance and support at every stage of the process. As I has hoped, your course has given me a better understanding of how flutes are made, and it has also given me a deeper appreciation of your own craftsmanship. I would strongly encourage colleagues and students to consider taking this course with you.  It is a fantastic opportunity to learn and acquire a new instrument in the process.

I look forward to using the Palanca flute we have made together in performance, along with the other beautiful flutes you have made for me in recent months. The flute we have made together will have a special place in my heart for obvious reasons.  

Thanks again, and thanks to your parents for their great hospitality throughout my stay.

Graham O'Sullivan


Dunedin Consort


The Herchel Trio